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School Horse Program & Boarder Lessons

School Horse Program

The school horse program offers a great learning environment for the complete beginner to the more advanced rider.  We accept riders age 6 and up.  Adults are welcome in our school horse program.


We value the importance of knowledge and skills in the tack but also on the ground, including care of the horse, proper tack cleaning, etc. Safety is always the highest priority and we strive for excellence. Students are expected to arrive 1/2 hour prior to their lesson time to groom and tack up their horse and stay 1/2 hour after the lesson to untack their horse and clean tack.  This improves horsemanship skills and encourages bonding.


The school horse program runs on a weekly basis consisting of primarily one lesson per week.

Visit our Lesson Page for current rates.

Boarder Lessons

All boarders are expected to take at least one lesson a week so we can ensure a progressive training program.  


Our show program runs on a weekly basis consisting of two or more lessons per week.  

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